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Teina & Jackie Rongo

RONGOHIVA is a local family-owned business that is managed by husband and wife Teina and Jackie Rongo. The name RONGOHIVA is a combination of the names of Teina's grandfather Rongo Raea from the sister islands of Ngaputoru (Mauke, Mitiaro, and Atiu) in the southern Cook Islands, and grandmother Metua-totō-o-hiva from the island of Manihiki in the northern Cook Islands.


Both Teina and Jackie are marine scientists with a strong respect, love, and wonder of the ocean and its resources. Teina obtained a Ph.D. in Marine Biology from the Florida Institute of Technology, while Jackie obtained a B.A. in Marine Science from the University of Hawai`i at Hilo. Through RONGOHIVA WATERSPORTS, they hope to share the wonders of the ocean around Rarotonga with fun in the sun!


Miller Rongo         Operations Manager

Eli Rongo               Rongohiva kiddie


Teina Rongo                       Director

Jackie Rongo                      Managing Director

Richard Pokoina                Sound Technician & IT

Teariki Charles Rongo     Captain, Lifeguard & LED crew

Nana Tokari                       First Mate, Lifeguard & LED crew

Mitchell Tutangata           Display Media Analyst & IT


Joshua Brown                    Lifeguard & LED crew

Edward Nga                       Waterpark & LED crew

Teariki Charles Rongo     Captain, Lifeguard & LED crew

Nana Tokari                       First Mate, Lifeguard & LED crew

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